Introduction to our Shooting & Goaltending Hockey Clinic (Peterborough)
The Shooting and Goaltending Hockey Clinic will be focusing on all aspects of shooting and puck control. All of the training is based on teaching correct technique accompanied with high repetition to develop positive muscle memory when shooting.

Our Aim is to raise offensive skill set, improve decision-making on and off the puck and develop speed of strength in all shot variations in a controlled fun environment.

Skills we will be working on are:
All shot variations – Wrist shot, Snap shot, Slap shot and Back hand
Keeping head up
Quick Release
Shooting in stride
One timers
Deking / Breakaway’s
Understanding goalie movements

The Shooting and Goaltending Hockey Clinic is open to boys and girls who are Under 17 and have a minimum of 3 years playing experience.

Cost & Location / Dates
The cost is £185 with a deposit of £85 (for returning Students the cost is £175 with a deposit of £75)

The Shooting Clinic will be held at Planet Ice, Peterborough from 7th to 9th August 2019.

Download the Enrolment Form
Click on the ‘Download’ link button and complete and return the Enrolment Form (PDF document).


Coaches for the Shooting & Goaltending clinic
David Clarke, Corey Neilson, Euan King, Stevie Lee, Ollie Betteridge, Joe Wilson, Robert Farmer, Luke Ferrara, Lewis Hook, Craig Peacock, Tom Norton, plus more to be confirmed.

Laundry Service
For the travelling students to Clarke and Co Hockey Clinics, this year we are able to provide a sweats and smalls laundry service thanks to Louise Davis.

Simply give your sweats to Louise at the end of the day and she will launder them that evening so that they are fresh and ready the following day. a small donation would be appreciated to help cover her costs.

Louise will be signing students in and out each day so she can be easily found throughout the clinics.

Need somewhere to stay?
We have listed some accommodation places on our website in our Accommodation page.

Hockey Clinic Location – Peterborough

Planet Ice
1 Mallard Road
Peterborough PE3 8YN

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