I won’t deny I was a little nervous putting my 6-year-old son into hockey camp. However I needn’t have worried, from the very first seconds of walking through the door and meeting David’s staff I was put completely at ease. The coaches/players (who are the crème of British hockey) that David surrounds himself with are truly dedicated to getting the best from each and every child that attends the camp. If that means one to one tuition on a skill, then that’s what they get. The younger coaches are like big brothers for the week, who laugh and joke but are there for you when you need them. One thing that stood out for me was David’s attention to detail, he see’s everything that goes on an will not hesitate to stop the drills if there is a lesson that he thinks everyone can learn from. Off ice sessions are a mixture of fun skills drills and slightly more serious lectures on healthy eating and exercise (older camps). Every time I saw my son he had a smile on his face, the drills are fun and focused on development. There’s no standing around for them, it’s an hour of intense training. By the end of the week there were noticeable improvements in ALL areas of my sons hockey, in particular his skating, which was commented upon by his club coaches. British ice hockey is definitely going in the right direction and David Clarke and Co are leading from the front – Dave Tudman (Hockey clinic)

As a very inexperienced (adult) beginner, I was nervous about attending my first camp – and my first experience of playing hockey. However, I needn’t have worried as David and the other coaches were brilliant, taking anyone struggling with a drill to one side and concentrating on their core skills. Along with developing playing skills, the coaching on tactics and positioning was superb and certainly has given me a greater appreciation of the game. The camp has given me the bit of confidence I needed to take the step of joining a local session – thank you all so much! – Mark Malpass

The Clarke and Co Pro Hockey Clinic has developed my game in so many ways exceeding me on and off the Ice. The Clinic has been very beneficial to me making me an all round better hockey player, emphasising on all the details about the game. Talking with David before the camp and seeing the high quality of coaching staff and being Coached by top athletes themselves such of the likes of David Clarke, Corey Neilson, Craig Peacock, David Phillips and Jon Kynaston was a great experience to have. I learnt so much from them all with the knowledge they have for the game is so invaluable. After attending the Pro Hockey Clinic I have been lucky enough to be selected to be part of the Nottingham Panthers team by head coach Corey Neilson. The week definitely helped towards getting my first steps into the professional hockey league This Camp has really helped me to make the step from Juniors to Seniors proving that you not only need to be a hockey player you need to be an Athlete. I highly recommend these Clinics to anyone really serious about there future in ice Hockey – Oliver Betteridge (Nottingham)

I’ve been attending Clarke & Co Hockey Clinics since it first started and found it very beneficial in the development of my career so far. Last year I joined the pro clinic, after completing my first full year in the EPL and found it very helpful again. I found both camps extremely enjoyable as they gave me great knowledge and understanding of the game, but combined this with fun drills and activities. After attending the pro clinic (2011) I was asked to join the Nottingham Panthers on their pre season training camp. So I’m thrilled to say the Clarke & Co hockey clinics have also opened new doors for me. It has been really good experience training with the professionals and I am sure it can only help in my quest to have a successful hockey career. I would recommend that any player that is serious about the future of their hockey sign up for the clinics – Luke Ferrara (Peterborough Phantoms)

David Clarke invited me to the Clarke & Co Pro Clinic mid season. After speaking with David, checking out the website and seeing the high quality of the coaching staff working with Clarke & Co I accepted. This clinic really did put you through your paces, helping me to develop into an all round better hockey player. Since attending the pro clinic I have been lucky enough to be selected by Nottingham Panthers head coach Corey Neilson to join the team on a two-way contract. I really am pleased I put in that extra effort during my off season as I feel the way I conducted myself and show cased my talent through out the week went a long way towards me getting my foot on the first step of the professional hockey ladder – Danny Rose (Nottingham)

The Clarke and Co Pro Clinic has helped me out in so many ways, obviously with the season just around the corner I wanted to be in best shape possible and prepared both mentally and physically on and off the ice for my first year in the elite league playing for the Hull Stingrays. It was a great experience being coached by the likes of David Clarke, Corey Neilson David Phillips and Craig Peacock. All who have played in the elite league and are recognised as top players throughout the league. The hockey clinic helped me work on my complete game and emprises a lot on the little things like shooting in stride and one timing the puck while in motion things that I feel have helped me a lot during my first few months as a pro player. I really enjoyed the clinic and hope to do it next year – Bobby Chamberlain (Hull Stingrays)